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Student Loan Deferment


Deferment is a period in which you delay making remittances on your student loan. Interest doesn't accumulate on federal advances.

Education Linked Deferment

You are qualified in the event that you’re engaged in a graduate fellowship program, rehab training, residency, or you're on a teaching assignment in a teacher shortage territory.

In-School Deferment and Parent PLUS Borrower Deferment

You are qualified in the event that you are enlisted at a qualified school for not less than half time, or on condition that you are a parent with a Parent PLUS Loan who wants to defer making the monthly payments, on the loan while your child is enrolled in school for not less than half time.

Unemployment Deferment

In case you're unemployed (or working under 30 hours for every week) and looking for all day employment, you might be qualified for an Unemployment Deferment for up to 3 yrs.

Facing Difficulties Making Payments?

In case you're having short-term problems making your student loan payments because of unemployment or monetary troubles, make sure to tell us at the earliest opportunity to abstain from, becoming delinquent.

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