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Private Student Loan Consolidation


With a Private Student Consolidation loan, you might be able to join multiple private student loans with many payments into a single loan with a solitary payment, or swap a single loan with another one on which you pay less interest. Consolidating multiple private student loans helps you leverage reduced interest rate to end up with a lower monthly payment.

How You Benefit

Your monthly payment is potentially reduced

You enjoy a potentially lower interest rate

You simplify with one monthly payment

You don't need a cosigner to acquire the loan

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What amount would I be able to consolidate?

Based on credit approval, you can consolidate up to the total amount of your education loan debt. Maximum cap may apply. The lower limit of consolidation loan sum is $5,000.

Variable or fixed interest rate, which one should I choose?

Variable interest rates hinge on market conditions, so when market rates rise, your interest rate goes up along with your monthly payments. Fixed interest rates continue to stay unchanged through the life of the credit.

How would I know what my financing cost will be?

Your interest rate will be dictated by a few components when you apply, above all your credit history and that of your cosigner, if applicable.

Your interest rate choices will be shown to you when you apply, and soon after you get to select a specific variable interest rate.

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