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A Student, Teacher, Public Officer, or Permanently Disabled can qualify for the Federal Loan Forgiveness Program.
The different Student Loan Forgiveness Programs floated by the U.S. government are helping a great many borrowers to relieve themselves from the burden of debt. There are stipulations however the burden of obligation gets reduced with these programs. In the event that a borrower conforms to the qualifications, they are eligible for relief from student loans. As regards loan options attached to these repayment plans, they are stringent. Means a defaulting borrower is accountable for any interest accrued and the whole balance of the loan.

A borrower can choose different repayment plans to
off-load their debts.

Income-Contingent Plan (ICR) - Payments are made based on borrower’s salary, loan balance, and interest rate

Income based Repayment (IBR) - Payments are made based on borrower’s salary only

Pay as You Earn Plan - Payments are made based on borrower’s salary, but uses 10% of their discretionary income Talk to our student loan advisor to find out a repayment plan that fits with your financial situation.

To know if you can qualify get in touch with our TPD discharge expert and we can help you apply for the program.


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