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We help borrowers consolidate their multiple student loans into a single student loan, making a lower monthly payment with a reduced interest rate.
Our services extend to the entire federal loans spectrum and covers all Federal, Plus, and Perkins loans.
Get yourself evaluated and we will select a program that is the right fit with your situation.

How Consolidation Works to Your Benefit

You get to enjoy a relatively lower monthly payment

Consolidating multiple federal student loans allow for better management of your student loan burden

We pick a repayment plan that matches with your changed life circumstances

Reduced interest rate puts more money in your pocket over the lifespan of repayment term

You get extra breathing room since you pay a significantly less amount each month

You can avoid default to prevent damage to your credit score


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Types of Loan Forgiveness


Student loan borrowers dream of day when they'll no longer burden themselves with making monthly payments. With our help that day could come sooner. Let us evaluate if you qualify for federal student loan forgiveness.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

How it Works

Your outstanding federal loan balance could get forgiven as long as you work full time for a not-for-profit, you are a government employee, or a public services worker for no less than 10 years. Firefighters, teachers, military personnel and nurses, among others qualify for loan forgiveness.

If you have been paying back your loans on an income-driven plan for those 10 years, you get to save the most money on Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Let us help you to apply for the public service loan forgiveness program.

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Teacher Loan Forgiveness

How it works

Teachers who have been working full time for five back to back years can have up to $17,500 in direct or Stafford loans forgiven. After completing the 5 year teaching requirement fill out the application and forward it to your student loan servicer. To qualify, teachers need to work in low-income public elementary or secondary schools. An added bonus is that forgiveness is non-taxable.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program is a faster way to reduce or eliminate your loans forever. Give us a call to help you with your official applying formalities.

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Permanent Disability Discharge

How it works

Contingent on that you are fully and permanently disabled, you may meet all requirements for a total and permanent disability (TPD) discharge of any outstanding debt on your loans, or TEACH Grant service obligation. In the event that you are awarded TPD discharge, you will never again be obligated to pay back your loan or finish your TEACH Grant service obligation. TPD discharge is a way to completely eliminate your debt if you are not in gainful employment because of your impairment.

If you feel you qualify to apply and need assistance you can hire us to help you with the process.

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What We Do

federal student loan consolidation advice

We understand that paying back student loans is not easy. We help you to choose the best repayment options for your Perkins, PLUS, and Direct Stafford Loans.


Talk with live federal student loan specialist and find the various repayment alternatives for your Perkins, PLUS, and Direct Stafford Loans.

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Compare Federal Programs

Find out about specific benefits of every program and which one fits in with your financial situation.


Document Preparation

Get help regarding processing of paperwork including documentation preparation and timely submission of documents to the Department of Education.


Ongoing Support

Get help with the tracking of your application and reapplication on a year to year basis to maintain your eligibility for Loan Forgiveness.

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